Frequently Asked Questions

A set of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our products and services have been developed to assist our members and those interested in joining ACHS International to learn more about our organisation.

If you have any further questions or require any clarification, please email our team at


Products & Services 

What are the costs for ACHS International services?

ACHS International will provide you with a proposal inclusive of costs tailored to the scope and requirements of your organisation. We require that you submit a Scoping Form to us so that we can design our pricing to meet your specific needs.

Our pricing is all-inclusive and is paid in instalments across the period of service delivery.

To receive a quotation or further information on costing, please email


Why should our organisation choose ACHS International?

ACHS International takes a different approach to healthcare quality improvement by partnering with and working alongside your organisation to implement sustainable improvements for the safety, quality, and care of your patients.

We can share with you a global network of organisations and experts that provide the latest insights and thinking about healthcare quality improvement.

Find out more what sets us apart from other providers, by referring to the Our Unique Qualities page


Will the ACHS EQuIP standards be relevant to my country?

The ACHS Evaluation & Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP) standards are accredited by the ISQua External Evaluation Association (IEEA) to ensure that they meet the highest global standards for patient safety and quality. Our standards are developed through a rigorous process involving global experts on Working Groups and a central Standards Committee. This development process ensures that we create a standards framework that can be adapted and used in any country regardless of local laws and regulations. Our approach to EQuIP is to provide organisations with international evidence-based practice while allowing the flexibility to implement this practice to local culture, environments, and other requirements.

ACHS is also the only accrediting organisation that has a demonstrated history of localising its standards to meet the needs of countries or large healthcare systems. If you or your organisation are interested in exploring this option, please contact us at for more information.


Are accreditation results publicly available?

No, the ACHS and its subsidiary companies will not publicly release any report including accreditation results related to the provision of our services to your organisation.

All requests to release reports will require the prior approval of the organisation.


What happens when an organisation does not meet the requirements of a quality program?

If your organisation is unable to satisfactorily meet the requirements of one of the ACHS International quality programs, the Lead Assessor will inform you of this during the onsite assessment. There are multiple remediation opportunities that are available allowing your organisation to potentially complete and achieve the quality program in the future. These options will be discussed with you by the Lead Assessor and your ACHS International Coach.



How are assessments conducted in other countries – are there language barriers?

As we accredit in 17 countries, we have an established network of highly experienced assessors from across the world including Australia, China, and the Middle East. When allocating your onsite assessment team, we ensure to provide you with a mix of local and international based assessors. This approach allows for a better understanding of the local context during assessments. All our assessors are trained to our IEEA approved Assessor Competency Training (ACT) and ongoing annual education programs. These professionals deliver our peer review assessment model to ensure that experts in the industry are asking the right questions of your organisation’s staff.

Meeting the ACHS International standards did not only recognise the healthcare system in place but also improved the harmony within our multi-racial organisation which ultimately, demonstrates to patients, the genuine feeling of the word care

ACHS International Member
- Southeast Asia