Governance & Management

ACHS International, a company limited by shares, is governed by a Board of Directors and supported by a corporate management system in accordance with our Constitution.

Our Board is responsible to the ACHS Board (our parent company) which in turn is responsible for the overall direction of company activities. All governance bodies are guided by the Corporations Law and their relevant Constitutions. For more information regarding the governance of our parent company, please refer to this website

The Board has adopted statements of Vision and Mission, which are designed to determine the organisation's strategic direction, and has endorsed organisational values and behaviours which ensure that its operations are conducted in a manner that meets the highest standards of service.

Whilst the Board reviews and approves the organisation's strategic plan and guiding policy, day-to-day management is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Team.

ACHS International helps me to exhibit my commitment to providing a continuous process of quality improvement to the whole hospital team and enhances my personal leadership capabilities

Chief Executive Officer
- ACHS International Member