ACHS International Medal

2022 medal Banner


We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 ACHS International Medal!


  • ACHS International Medalist 2022 - Middle East

    Dr Jamil Ahmed

    Dr Jamil Ahmed
    Managing Director, Prime Health (UAE)
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  • ACHS International Medalist 2021 - Asia Pacific

    Dr Wei

    Dr Fu-Chan Wei
    Distinguished Chair Professor, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital & University (Taiwan)
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We would like to acknowledge the following nominees who were highly commended by our panel of judges:

  • Mr Dennis Joseph – Director Quality, Royale Hayat Hospital (Kuwait)
  • Dr Mohamed Ahmed Hablas – Regional Director, Saudi German Hospitals Egypt & North Africa (Egypt)


Each year, the ACHS International Medal recognises outstanding contributions by individuals to improving the quality and safety of international healthcare services in a manner consistent with our Mission and Values.

The awarding of the prestigious ACHS International Medal provides the recipient a strong platform to share their leadership, learnings, and perspectives in patient and quality with the global healthcare community.

Stay tuned for more information about the ACHS International Medal 2023.



Meeting the ACHS International standards did not only recognise the healthcare system in place but also improved the harmony within our multi-racial organisation which ultimately, demonstrates to patients, the genuine feeling of the word care

ACHS International Member
- Southeast Asia