Clinical Indicator Awards

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With the launch of the ACHS International Clinical Indicator Awards earlier this year, our Performance & Outcomes Service (POS) has been reviewing data submitted via the Performance Indicator Reporting Tool (PIRT) against the criteria for the specific High Performing Organisation and Improved Performance awards.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Clinical Indicator Awards for the Reporting Period: July – December 2021


ACHSI_Program Seal _FINAL_CI Award HPO

High Performing Organisation Award

Winner: Matilda International Hospital (Hong Kong SAR)


ACHSI_Program Seal _FINAL_CI Award IP

Improved Performance Award

Winner: RD Premier Jatinegara (Indonesia)


During the analysis of data from contributing members, we note that a large number of organisations are operating at high level as they continue to work in sustainable ways to improve their safety and quality benchmarking against global quality improvement indicators.

We were impressed by our Member's achievements and look forward to analysing future data contributions to advancing safety and quality.

We sincerely encourage you to continue contributing to quality improvement and our CIP, as all these measurements continue to assist you in consistency and sustainability for quality patient outcomes.

If you do not currently utilise our Clinical Indicator Program (CIP) and want to get started, please contact our team at for further assistance.

Stay tuned for more information about the Clinical Indicator Award for the next reporting period.

ACHS International helps me to exhibit my commitment to providing a continuous process of quality improvement to the whole hospital team and enhances my personal leadership capabilities

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