Our Unique Qualities

We know your organisation has a choice when selecting an international quality improvement partner. We want to highlight what sets us apart and makes us different from other providers.



We are your partners on your continuous quality improvement journey. We work with and alongside you throughout your membership to support you to make sustainable improvements. Our interaction is not limited to just onsite events.



ACHS International provides our members with industry leading support and multiple benefits in one price.



Complimentary access to the ACHS Clinical Indicator Program so that your organisation can receive international benchmarks on your clinical performance and outcomes. This program is voluntary and unique to ACHS International.



We provide industry leading support and guidance to our members through innovative programs such as Expert Connect, Member Connect and your assigned ACHS International Coach. Our support extends throughout your entire membership period to support your ongoing journey. We do not limit support just to onsite or offsite events as we believe in working closely with you as a link to international best practice and quality improvement support.



At ACHS International, we understand that flexibility is critical to adapt to the various contexts and environments in which you work. Our quality programs are international best practice that provide your organisation with the opportunity to implement procedures relevant to your patients and services.

ACHS International helps me to exhibit my commitment to providing a continuous process of quality improvement to the whole hospital team and enhances my personal leadership capabilities

Chief Executive Officer
- ACHS International Member