Service Offerings

We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to improving safety and quality across the healthcare spectrum. Therefore, we have developed offerings that are relevant and applicable to many healthcare organisations in advancing their quality improvement agendas.

As a quality improvement organisation, we offer services across the following four categories to assist global healthcare providers to continuously improve patient experience, outcomes and value.



ACHS International offers the following four quality programs based on our IEEA accredited Evaluation & Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP) standards:

  • Recognition – modular approach to standards for those organisations just beginning their quality journey
  • Certification – designed for those organisations that are not currently able meet the evaluation requirements of accreditation
  • Accreditation – designed for those organisations implementing continuous improvement across all standards
  • Exemplar Award – designed for those organisations with a world-leading service or department


The following EQuIP standards are available for international organisations:

  • Core – designed for hospitals and academic medical centres 
  • Healthcare Support Services – designed for corporate and other support services
  • Aged Care Services – designed for nursing homes, day care facilities, and home care services
  • Haemodialysis – designed for standalone clinics or hospital dialysis departments 
  • Oral Health Services – designed for general dentistry and oral health specialities 
  • Day Procedure Centres – designed for day surgical and other general anaesthesia-based procedures
  • Primary Care – designed for general practice and other community-based care 

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The ACHS Clinical Indicator Program (CIP) is one of the world’s largest repositories of clinical data and allows our member organisations to receive international benchmarks about their performance to inform improvement activities. The CIP contains over 320 indicators organised into 20 clinical sets available through our online Performance Indicator Reporting Tool (PIRT).

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Increase staff competencies and capabilities regarding patient safety and improvement science from our ACHS Internatinoal Experts. Gain access to courses such as root cause analysis and more intensive lead programs.

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Solve your most complex quality and safety issues with the assistance of our global network of experienced ACHS International Experts. We assist organisations with a range of engagements such as service commissioning, clinical planning, and standards development.

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We found that ACHS International was most suitable to us because the EQuIP program was clearly focusing on continuous improvement of care

Hemas Hospitals
- ACHS International Member