Engagement Offerings

ACHS International’s global network of specialised consultants assist organisations to address specific challenges related to patient safety, quality and healthcare management.


Our standard engagement offerings include the following:

  • Clinical Service Planning – understand how best to design a specific clinical service or department within an existing or new facility
  • Safe Healthcare Environment Advisory Program (SHEAP) – in partnership with the Joint Commission Taiwan (JCT), the SHEAP focuses on specific aspects of the physical environment of the healthcare facility to ensure ongoing safety. The program is organised into modules to give healthcare organisations the flexibility to focus on environmental areas of greatest risk in more depth using the expertise of an international team of consultants. 
  • Commissioning & Patient Move – understand how to commission a new facility or service and how to safely move / transfer patients into the new area
  • Leadership & Management – focus on upper management skills and structure to facilitate successful implementation of quality initiatives and ongoing service provision
  • Responding to Performance Data & Outcomes – review performance indicators and understand how to respond with initiatives to improve outcomes
  • Lean Six Sigma – reduce waste and streamline activities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of service across the organisation


Often organisations have specific challenges that cannot be addressed by a standard consulting engagement. ACHS International can assist with meeting these individual requests by offering customised consulting services. We utilise our broad network of consultants to provide expertise relevant to your organisation’s challenges and service profile.


For more information on our Global Consulting services or to design a customised engagement with ACHS International, please contact our team at achsi@achs.org.au for more information

We strongly recommend any hospital serious about improving its performance, especially in the area of clinical quality and patient safety, to aim for ACHS International accreditation

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