Improvement Opportunity


ACHS International is committed to partnering with healthcare organisations to improve safety, quality, value, and outcomes for staff, patients, and their communities. At the core of quality improvement is the belief that organisations should challenge themselves every day to make improvements to their processes and service to continually provide the best experience to their customers.

For healthcare organisations to better understand how to improve their services, the most valuable information comes from their patients and local communities.


Our Role

We encourage you to submit opportunities for improvement directly to your healthcare provider.

If you believe your healthcare provider requires additional support or focus in a specific area, please submit an Improvement Opportunity to ACHS International and we will consider it within their overall quality program activities.

We also accept any positive feedback about your healthcare provider. We will provide this to our Members to support ongoing improvements to the patient experience. 

We will only accept Improvement Opportunities related to healthcare facilities with ACHS International Recognition, Certification, or Accreditation.

Please note that ACHS International is a healthcare quality improvement organisation and has no regulatory authority or jurisdiction to investigate or interfere in a healthcare provider’s operations. We suggest opportunities for improvement in accordance with our international standards and Evaluation & Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP).

For all complaints and other issues, please deal directly with your healthcare provider and/or local authorities.



All Improvement Opportunities related to any ACHS International member organisation may be submitted by mail or email as per the details below:

  • Email -
  • Mail - 5 Macarthur Street, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

Please include the following with your submission:

  • No more than two (2) pages summarising the opportunity experienced (in English, when possible);
  • Name, address, city, and country of the healthcare organisation;
  • Permission to contact the healthcare organisation regarding the specifics of your submission; 
  • Name and contact information of the individual submitting the opportunity (optional); and 
  • Any documentation that you deem relevant to support the opportunity (optional).

We found that ACHS International was most suitable to us because the EQuIP program was clearly focusing on continuous improvement of care

Hemas Hospitals
- ACHS International Member