The ACHS International Accreditation Program is designed for healthcare organisations that have implemented processes and procedures to international standards and evaluate their outcomes to inform their continuous quality improvement program.

Accreditation requires a healthcare organisation to focus on all standards and criteria included in the relevant EQuIP edition.

Please find more information about the Accreditation Program below:



3 year cycle


Required and Membership benefits accessible


Marked Achievement (MA) rating for all criteria in the selected EQuIP edition



Our 3-year accreditation cycle requires an activity each year:

  • Year 1 – Organisation Wide Assessment (OWA) – onsite assessment to all EQuIP criteria
  • Year 2 – Focused Advisory Checkpoint (FAC) - self assessment including review of continuous quality improvement activities 
  • Year 3 – FAC


Before the completion of the cycle, your ACHS International Coach will discuss renewal with your organisation to ensure maintenance of your accreditation status.

Other Options

Your organisation has flexibility to further design your accreditation experience. Please refer to the Structures and Approaches sections for more information.


  • Accreditation is only granted after an OWA onsite event and will include mandatory recommendations that must be completed before the next onsite event
  • After each annual event, your organisation will receive a report from ACHS International which contains useful information to guide your quality improvement journey
  • If the requirements of Accreditation are not met during an onsite assessment, there are options that your assigned Lead Assessor will discuss with you

We conducted a thorough study which evaluated the different international accreditation systems and found that the Australian program was the one that most addressed the very core of our mission

Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital
- ACHS International Member