The ACHS International approach to our assessments is to provide our member organisations with support and guidance to provide the highest quality and safest care possible to their patients. Our approach is one of partnership and continual support rather than a pure compliance or regulatory model.

All our assessments are conducted by an experienced, international cohort of trained assessors who have current and relevant healthcare experience. Read more about our Assessors here.

After each onsite or offsite assessment, ACHS International provides our member organisations with a detailed report including recommendations, suggestions, and guidance for further improvement.

As our EQuIP standards are strongly rooted in continuous quality improvement principles, all healthcare organisations receive advice from ACHS International regarding how to make further advancements to the care and service provided to patients.

We conducted a thorough study which evaluated the different international accreditation systems and found that the Australian program was the one that most addressed the very core of our mission

Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital
- ACHS International Member