An ACHS assessor is an experienced healthcare professional who can assess healthcare organisations against our EQuIP standards and according to quality program requirements.

A Lead Assessor is an assessor who is responsible for leading assessment teams and guiding the overall quality program experience with our member organisations. The Lead Assessor is the main point of contact during all onsite assessments and will keep your organisation updated on findings of the assessment team.



Our total elite assessor cohort consists of approximately 400 experienced, senior health care practitioners with recent and broad experience in healthcare. All Assessors must have a strong working knowledge of healthcare standards frameworks and quality improvement.  


Our Assessors are all healthcare professionals from all clinical and non-clinical areas in acute to subacute to primary care settings.


We also utilise Assessors who are consumers to gain a patient perspective during our onsite assessments.


Most assessors are currently employed full time within the healthcare sector.


Our Assessors are located across Australia, the Middle East, and Asia to ensure we provide a diversity of perspectives and insights during assessments.


Our rigorous selection process ensures that all Assessors have at least five (5) years of senior managerial experience in a healthcare setting with an excellent understanding of accepted industry standards and international best practice.


All Assessors and Lead Assessors must complete annual training and other requirements to maintain their status and ensure currency of skills.


Our Assessor Competency Training (ACT) program is accredited by the ISQua External Evaluation Association (IEEA)

We conducted a thorough study which evaluated the different international accreditation systems and found that the Australian program was the one that most addressed the very core of our mission

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