Our onsite assessment methodology ensures that our assessors gather sufficient information onsite at your organisation from a variety of sources to gain confidence that operations are in line with our EQuIP standards and initiatives are in place to drive continuous quality improvement.

Our approach to onsite assessments utilises the following principles:


Peer Review

All assessors are healthcare professionals and understand how to ask questions of their peers (other healthcare professionals at your organisation) to best gather information about patient care and quality


Assessors are trained to verify evidence and findings by ‘connecting the dots’ between what they see, hear, and read. If they are unable to verify that a practice is in place through our triangulation approach, then Assessors will gather further information during the onsite assessment.

Patient Journey & Process Flows

Onsite assessments include a comprehensive, detailed focus of how patients and processes flow into and out of your organisation to ensure continuity of care and integrated safety processes.


Assessors use the tracer methodology to gather evidence of randomly selected patient types and processes to better understand how they are managed from end-to-end throughout your organisation.


Assessors utilise several different approaches to gather a variety of information about your operations. These approaches range from random interviews, process flows, random health record reviews, and staff discussions.

Consumer Focused

Our standards focus strongly on the consumer experience and care obtained throughout your organisation. Our assessors conduct random patient interviews to gain a better understanding of the consumer perspective and offer suggestions based on these findings to improve the overall experience.

Rich Picture

Healthcare organisations are complex places with multiple processes occurring simultaneously across different functions and specialty groups.


Our methodology attempts to gain a ‘rich picture’ of your organisation through a schedule of onsite assessment activities that provide information on how your organisations works normally every day.

We found that ACHS International was most suitable to us because the EQuIP program was clearly focusing on continuous improvement of care

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