EQuIP Standards

Introduced in 1996, our Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP) is a quality assessment and improvement program for healthcare organisations that supports excellence in consumer / patient care and services. It is designed to provide a framework which will assist and support your organisation to ensure the provision of safe, high quality care and services, and to achieve continuous quality improvement.

Our EQuIP standards are rigorously developed and accredited by the ISQua External Evaluation Association (IEEA) as they incorporate core principles related to patient centeredness, continuous quality improvement, and outcomes.

The EQuIP standards are currently in their seventh version (EQuIP7) and will be updated every few years to ensure relevance to the ever-changing global healthcare industry.

We found that ACHS International was most suitable to us because the EQuIP program was clearly focusing on continuous improvement of care

Hemas Hospitals
- ACHS International Member