EQuIP Editions

The EQuIP standards are offered in seven (7) editions based on the type of healthcare organisation wishing to implement one of our quality programs

EQuIP Edition Relevant To


  • Hospitals
  • Mental Health
  • Community Care
  • Telemedicine / Telehealth
  • Medical Transport / Emergency Care

Healthcare Support Services

  • Healthcare Corporate Offices
  • Departments / Ministries of Health
  • Public Hospital / Health Authorities
  • Diagnostics – Imaging and Pathology 


  • Standalone dialysis clinics
  • Dialysis departments within acute or other healthcare facilities 

Oral Health

  • General Dentistry and dental specialities such as orthodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial
  • Does not include procedures using general anaesthesia 

Aged Care Services

  • Nursing Homes
  • Aged Care Day Services
  • Other Residential Aged Care

Day Procedure Centres

  • Day Surgical Centres
  • Day Endoscopy Centres
  • Ambulatory Care

Primary Care

  • Primary Care Centres
  • General Practice

Meeting the ACHS International standards did not only recognise the healthcare system in place but also improved the harmony within our multi-racial organisation which ultimately, demonstrates to patients, the genuine feeling of the word care

ACHS International Member
- Southeast Asia