EQuIP Elements and Ratings

The EQuIP7 elements have been developed around a three-tier scale designed to measure and support continuous improvement in key areas of a healthcare organisation’s operation.

The elements in each criterion are assigned to the following categories:

  • Little Achievement (LA)
  • Some Achievement (SA)
  • Marked Achievement (MA)

While the way the elements are implemented and the evidence presented may differ between healthcare organisations, each organisation should be able to demonstrate that their practices address the intent of the elements, and that their evidence responds to their aims or purposes.

The table below assists organisations to further understand how the EQuIP7 elements are organised and increase in maturity from LA to SA to MA.

E7 Elements

At an onsite assessment, Organisational performance against the elements will be graded using the below ratings:

  • Met (M)
  • Met with Recommendations (MR)
  • Not Met (NM)
  • Not Applicable (NA)


We strongly recommend any hospital serious about improving its performance, especially in the area of clinical quality and patient safety, to aim for ACHS International accreditation

ACHS International Member
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