EQuIP Principles

Core Principles

The EQuIP has been developed using the following core principles

  • Consumer Focus – putting the patient / consumer at the centre of all standards
  • Effective Leadership – including overall management and governance of the organisation
  • Continuous Improvement – ensuring ongoing work to continually improve outcomes and service
  • Evidence of Outcomes – focusing on the effectiveness and appropriateness of care to provide the desired and expected outcomes to patients
  • Striving for Best Practice – using international research and evidence to support best practice processes and procedures to provide patient care


Key Components

Key components of the EQuIP for all healthcare organisation types include the following:

  • the standards that organisations work to achieve
  • a yearly self-assessment to evaluate performance against the standards
  • ACHS International assistance and guidance regarding your organisation’s self-assessment
  • biennial onsite assessments by an external, experienced team of assessors to provide an independent assessment of your organisation’s performance against the standards
  • improvement process undertaken to address the recommendations from the onsite assessments.

Meeting the ACHS International standards did not only recognise the healthcare system in place but also improved the harmony within our multi-racial organisation which ultimately, demonstrates to patients, the genuine feeling of the word care

ACHS International Member
- Southeast Asia