EQuIP Ratings

The EQuIP criteria have been developed around a five-level rating scale designed to measure and support continuous improvement in key areas of a healthcare organisation’s operation.

  • Little Achievement (LA) – Awareness
  • Some Achievement (SA) – Implementation
  • Marked Achievement (MA) – Evaluation
  • Extensive Achievement (EA) – Distinction
  • Outstanding Achievement (OA) – Leadership


Ratings are given to each criterion. An overall rating is not given to the healthcare organisation.

Organisations and assessors will use the elements in each of the criteria to rate the level of the organisation’s achievement. The elements are not meant to be an audit checklist; they describe the practices that contribute to the achievement of each level. While the manner in which the elements are implemented and the evidence presented may differ between healthcare organisations, each organisation should be able to demonstrate that their practices address the intent of the elements, and that their evidence responds to their aims or purposes.

Meeting the ACHS International standards did not only recognise the healthcare system in place but also improved the harmony within our multi-racial organisation which ultimately, demonstrates to patients, the genuine feeling of the word care

ACHS International Member
- Southeast Asia