Phase 4 - Assessment

The completed Submission Document is assessed by an appointed international team of assessors, who will utilise triangulation principles and the key factors of high performance and dimensions of quality frameworks to evaluate the submitted content.


The assessment of the submission consists of three (3) desktop assessments conducted by:

  1. A High Performance assessor (qualitative)
  2. A Dimensions of Quality assessor (quantitative)
  3. A Subject Matter assessor (technical)


Following the desktop assessment, an onsite verification assessment occurs by another assessor. The entire Assessment Team will then meet to discuss all findings and develop recommendations.


These recommendations are then submitted to an ACHS Evaluation Panel for further review and final decision regarding granting of The Exemplar Award.


Flow Diagram - Phase 4

The continuous open communication to support and provide assistance, even after the achievement of accreditation, has been a key feature of the ACHS International service that adds great value

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