Assessment Resumption


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Thank you for your interest in ACHS International.

We greatly appreciate all the work international healthcare organisations are doing to diligently provide frontline care to communities, patients, and families impacted by COVID-19. We understand that this pandemic has had a significant and unimaginable impact on all our personal and professional lives – as your trusted quality improvement partner, we are dedicated to supporting your teams in navigating a recovery path with a continued focus on safety and quality.

The first step in this recovery journey is the resumption of our quality improvement program assessments. While we have continued our offsite assessments such as Self-Assessments (SASS) during the pandemic, we have delayed our onsite assessments such as Organisation Wide Assessments (OWA) and Periodic Reviews (PR) to allow you to focus on providing immediate care to your communities in response to COVID-19 and to safeguard our Assessors.

This page details our plan to resume onsite assessments through a virtual or hybrid assessment approach until such time that we can return to full onsite assessments. Offsite assessments will continue as normal. Our number one priority during this resumption is the safety of our Assessors and your staff and patients. We have carefully evaluated multiple techniques and approaches to guide our assessment resumption to ensure safety is upheld and the rigour of our programs is maintained.

We hope you find this information useful and look forward to working with you more closely again in the future. You can also visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre for up-to-date resources on managing and responding to the pandemic. 


Michael L Giuliano

Executive Director – ACHS International


Webcast & Questions

To learn more about our COVID Resumption Plan, please register to view our pre-recorded webcast. One of our team members will then respond to schedule a time to speak with us directly to view the webcast and ask further questions. 

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All ACHS International Members will receive a personalised Resumption Plan within the coming days that is specifically tailored to their quality improvement cycles and location. 


Virtual & Hybrid Assessments

What are they?

During a Virtual Assessment, our Assessors are not onsite at your organisation, but instead gathering information and evidence electronically prior to and virtually during the assessment via platforms such as Zoom.

During a Hybrid Assessment, some of our Assessors will be physically present onsite gathering information and evidence as per normal. These onsite Assessors will be interacting with Assessors based offsite and gathering information virtually. Your staff and patients will interact with either a physical onsite Assessor and/or an offsite virtual Assessor.

Why are they required?

The ACHS International quality improvement program cycle requires an annual assessment activity to support continuous improvement, evaluation, and partnership. Our current cycles already have a mixture of onsite and offsite/virtual assessments – these will continue in the future even after COVID.

While offsite assessments such as Self Assessments (SASS) have continued, Organisation Wide Assessments (OWA) and Periodic Reviews (PR) scheduled for early in 2020 have been delayed. We are resuming these onsite assessments using different approaches to ensure we maintain connection with you, avoid disruption to your accreditation cycle, and support you with ongoing quality improvement initiatives.

How is the assessment type selected?

Depending on the location of a healthcare organisation, ACHS International will determine whether a Virtual or Hybrid Assessment will be conducted in lieu of a full onsite assessment for a PR or OWA.

While our onsite assessments may still be impacted for some time given travel restrictions, our preference is to conduct Hybrid Assessments as the first alternative. If this is not possible, a Virtual Assessment will be offered where this can be supported by technology. This is to ensure that we maintain the rigour, integrity, and comprehensiveness of our program and supportive services to our global Member organisations.

What is ACHS International’s experience in conducting these types of assessments?

ACHS International has experience conducting virtual and hybrid assessments to capture information across large health services with sometimes difficult or inaccessible locations. Our Assessors are trained to conduct onsite, hybrid, and virtual assessments and maintain the robustness of the process regardless of which assessment type is utilised.

Will virtual and hybrid assessments be as comprehensive?

Yes, the only difference between an onsite assessment and virtual or hybrid assessments is the number of Assessors that are physically onsite at your organisation. Otherwise, all EQuIP6 requirements of the OWA and PR remain the same and will be conducted using these different assessment approaches. The outcome of your quality improvement program will be the same regardless of which assessment type is selected by ACHS International. 

The continuous open communication to support and provide assistance, even after the achievement of accreditation, has been a key feature of the ACHS International service that adds great value

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