Fantastic insights from our Member Masterclass

Dr Maxine Power on How Improvement Science Can Transform Healthcare Organisations.

Our latest Member Exclusive Masterclass attracted over 450 members within Australia and globally to hear from Dr Maxine Power, Executive Director of Quality, Innovation on the topic of How Improvement Science Can Transform Healthcare Organisations.

Dr Power led the breakthrough improvement strategy at Salford Royal National Health Service Foundation Trust which led to significant improvements in the quality and safety of care for patients.

What we wanted to do over three years was improve patient satisfaction and outcomes to deliver safe clean and personal care and reduce our mortality rates so that they were comparable with the top 10 in the NHS,” Dr Power remarked.

Critical to the success of the initiative were the following actions:

  • Having the measurement that spoke to their improvement aim. This entails measuring the right things that were important to deliver the strategy.
  • Facilitating a partnership between the senior leaders and people delivering care at the front-line session.
  • Going public with their goals of improvement.

Joining the discussion was Abigail Harrison, CIO and Deputy Director for Quality, Innovation and Improvement, who talked about her role in enabling improvement and innovation work in the digital space at the NHS using improvement science. 

Ms Harrison commented that “Technology was enabling us to kind of leap into a different space and you could see its rapid progression whereas, in the NHS we were actually finding it really difficult to use technology”.

Improvement approach enables us to take these huge challenges which you just can't possibly take in one bite and really break them down and start to deliver that that change.

Thank you to both guests for sharing their insightful knowledge on such a hot topic in healthcare.

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