Our Partnerships

ACHS International partners with various organisations around the world to extend our services and provide local customer service.

We are proud to partner with the following organisations to support you along your quality improvement journey.

ACHSI is partnering with GHQIA in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. GHQIA keeps its accreditation authority specialised in Asia, for Clinics, and in the advocacy of Innovative Practices to drive continuous improvements in quality care.
Quality Logic
ACHSI is partnering with Quality Logic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Quality Logic focuses on consulting and supporting healthcare organisations and systems to improve their quality by achieving accreditation and other quality improvement initiatives. Quality Logic supports its clients through various quality improvement initiatives such as building human capital, facility management and safety, prevention and control of infection, occupational health, and environmental health. Quality Logic is a strong believer in the "Train-the-Trainer" philosophy to ensure smooth implementation of their business initiatives.
The Compass Health Consultancy
ACHSI is partnering with The Compass Health Consultancy in the United Arab Emirates The Compass Health Consultancy is a pioneer in the consulting, training, and coaching of healthcare professionals and organisations across the Middle East and Africa. Their expert team is ready to help you overcome barriers to achieving your goals of excellence and quality improvement.
ACHSI is partnering with TAHPI in the Middle East & Asia Pacific. TAHPI is an award winning international firm of specialist Health Planners, Healthcare Architects and Clinical Interior Designers. TAHPI is trusted by Governments, Health Authorities and Private Sector clients. TAHPI is the most prolific author of International Standards and Guidelines for Healthcare Design customised for different regions of the world called the International Health Facility Guidelines. TAHPI is the developer of a comprehensive range of web-based software to automate and add efficiency to every aspect of Health Planning called the Health Facility Briefing System. TAHPI’s unmatched depth of knowledge and 30 years of experience adds value to healthcare project briefing, planning and design.
ACHSI partners with CAHO to support Clinical Indicator Program for members of CAHO in India. CAHO is a not-for-profit body representing healthcare institutions, diagnostic centres and quality professionals with an overarching aim to promote patient safety through fire safety training for hospital staff, quality through communication skills for the healthcare professional and accreditation in healthcare ecosystem. The aim of CAHO is to systematically infuse & spread the message of quality in healthcare at the grassroot level so as to develop a culture of safety in healthcare organisations.
Joint Commission of Taiwan
ACHSI partners with JC Taiwan to develop and deliver The Safe Healthcare Environment Advisory Program (SHEAP). The Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) is an accreditation body in healthcare established in 1999. JCT was founded by the then Department of Health (renamed to Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2013), Taiwan Hospital Association, Taiwan Non-Government Hospitals and Clinics Association, and Taiwan Medical Association. JCT is committed to promoting quality and patient safety concepts, the use of quality management tools, and healthcare professional training to assist healthcare administrators and providers in enhancing the quality of their healthcare services.

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