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We offer expert consulting services to improve quality and safety standards in healthcare.

We understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach or ‘magic bullet’ solution to improving safety and quality across the healthcare spectrum. It’s why we offer a range of services that can help healthcare organisations to advance their quality improvement agenda.

We transform theory into action by utilising seasoned ACHS consultants, who address specific challenges related to patient safety, quality, and healthcare management.

Our standard engagement offerings include:

Our standard engagement offerings include:
  • Clinical Service Planning – to help organisations understand how best to design a specific clinical service or department within an existing or new facility. 
  • Commissioning and Patient Move – focused on how to commission a new facility or service, and how to safely move / transfer patients into the new area. 
  • Leadership and Management – focused on upper management skills and structure to facilitate successful implementation of quality initiatives and ongoing service provision. 
  • Responding to Performance Data and Outcomes – assistance with reviewing performance indicators and understanding how to respond with initiatives to improve outcomes. 
  • Lean Approaches – helping organisations to reduce waste and streamline activities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of service across the organisation. 

Often, organisations have specific challenges that cannot be addressed by a standard consulting engagement. ACHS International can assist with meeting these individual requests by offering customised consulting services. We utilise our broad network of consultants to provide expertise that is relevant to your organisation’s challenges and service profile.

The continuous open communication to support and provide assistance, even after the achievement of accreditation, has been a key feature of the ACHS International service that adds great value.

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