How does your hospital compare with others? Find out with ACHSI’s benchmarking service through the Clinical Indicator Program (CIP).
The ACHS Clinical Indicator Program (CIP) is the world’s longest running data repository, analysis, and reporting service available to international healthcare organisations to support quality improvement initiatives.

The purpose of the CIP is to provide healthcare organisations with international benchmarking of their clinical performance in order to flag processes, systems, and outcomes that may require improvement.

Each of our clinical indicators is also mapped to the criteria within our EQuIP standards. This makes it easier for our members to utilise the CIP to support assessment and evaluation, to achieve one of the ACHS International available quality programs.

About CIP


Established in 1989


More than 650 participating HCOs


Reported about 27,000 individual clinical indicators last year


Endorsed and developed by over 40 Australasian healthcare colleges, societies, and associations


More than 330 Clinical Indicators


Across 22 specialty medical disciplines

I believe voluntary and cautious use of clinical indicators can help drive continuous healthcare improvement. Their wise use of statistics in the clinical indicator program has helped set up a global platform for healthy comparisons of different healthcare data with peers. I support ACHSI Clinical Indicator Program!

Union Hospital, Hong Kong

Benchmark against others

ACHSI can benchmark your hospital against others, providing analytics and the ability to drill-down comparisons and uncover insights for quality improvement across a range of clinical specialities.

Our data analytics engine

Using Leveraging Sisense as our data analytics engine, we can provide real time comparisons and deliver benchmarking across a larger number of selectable variables.

Richer ways to stratify data

Our large number of selectable variables include clinical speciality, bed number, ownership, rurality, discharge rates, individual speciality defined groupings and many more.

Trusted performance indicator

The CIP allows you to view the data at a high level to determine your hospital’s overall performance, and then navigate deeper to determine potential causes of performance differences.

Stay on top of your performance

Made simple by our submission tool

Made simple by our submission tool
  • Simply submit data every six months via our online Performance Indicator Reporting Tool
  • Your reports are then updated in our analytics software a few weeks later for ongoing reference
  • When you subscribe to our CIP, you receive an analysis of the data your submit, benchmarked with a large range of options for data comparison
  • All of your information is delivered via an easy to interpret dashboard which makes it easy to determine your performance at a high level
  • An automated storytelling engine also provides a narrative of each data comparison, pointing out all the key data insights

Australasian Clinical Indicator Report (ACIR)

Every year, ACHS releases this report, which examines data sourced from a broad range of clinical specialty areas in healthcare. It summarises the clinical indicator data that is submitted to the CIP for the past eight years, and highlights significant trends and variations in the data over time. It includes commentary from collaborating specialist colleges, associations, societies and other clinical organisations, which provides context for the trends and variations that are observed in the data.

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