ACHS International Healthcare Standards

Our purpose is to improve and maintain the standard of healthcare around the world.

EQuIP Standards

ACHS International accredits healthcare organisations worldwide according to our own established EQuIP standards.

Our EQuIP standards are rigorously developed and accredited by the ISQua External Evaluation Association (IEEA) as they incorporate core principles related to patient centeredness, continuous quality improvement, and outcomes.

It is designed to provide a framework which will support healthcare services to ensure the provision of safe, high-quality care and services, and to achieve continuous quality improvement.

EQuIP is based upon principles that support best practice, facilitate a culture of quality, and guide improvements to care and outcomes. These principles are designed to be applied to all aspects of service within a healthcare organisation, including Patient Focus, Effective Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Evidence of Outcomes and Best Practice.

We are proud to welcome a broad range of members from across the healthcare spectrum, and accredit the following types of organisations.

Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program

About EQuIP

About EQuIP
  • Introduced in 1996
  • A quality assessment and improvement program for healthcare organisations
  • Supporting excellence in consumer, patient care and services
  • Designed to ensure the provision of safe, high-quality care and services
  • Providing a framework which will assist and support your organisation to achieve continuous quality improvement

We conducted a thorough study which evaluated the different international accreditation systems and found that the Australian program was the one that most addressed the very core of our mission.

Badr Al Samaa Group - ACHS International Member

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