Our Commitment to Sustainability

The ACHS Group are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Here we outline our strategy and objectives to improve our practices for a greener planet.

The ACHS Group are inspired by healthcare organisations in Australia and around the world who are focused on adopting sustainable practises, and as a business we are deeply committed to reducing our own impact on the environment. We understand that sustainable practices are also inherent within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and global indigenous cultures, and we seek to learn from this.

To support our goals to reduce, reuse and recycle, ACHS has formed a Sustainability Committee and developed a Sustainability Strategy to guide us on our mission. Our Strategy focuses on areas of Consumables, Energy Consumption and Environmental Impact.

ACHS Key Sustainability Objectives

Minimise waste

Preserve resources

Promote long-term environmental sustainability

Member of the

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals

Global Green and Healthy Hospitals
  • We are proud Members of Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH), a vibrant and growing international community of hospitals, health systems, health care facilities and health organizations dedicated to reducing the health sector’s ecological footprint and improving public and environmental health. We are excited to learn more about best practices and how we can share knowledge from this partnership.
  • ACHS are proud to share our learnings and will document achievements in the ACHS Sustainability Strategy document

Recent Highlights and Achievements

Engaged with Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM), using their ‘BlueHalo Climate Action Technology’ to introduce carbon offsetting. 

Supporting offset projects in Renewable Energy in India, Deforestation in Indonesia and Bush Regeneration in Australia. 

Introduced eco-friendly ‘Frank Green’ coffee cups for all staff. 

Donated un-used paper to two schools in Sydney, Australia. 

Reduction in printing with digital platforms for document sharing & signing. 

Decreased non-essential travel. 

Thank you again for your generous donation of coloured paper to the school! The kids have been loving it! 

Glebe Public School - Sydney, Australia

Next Steps

The ACHS Sustainability Committee are excited to develop our initiatives and we will be sharing updates and learnings with ACHS Members along the way. If you are a healthcare organisation wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, learn more at GGHH

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