Why choose ACHS International?

We strongly believe in taking a partnership approach with members and working together through your quality improvement journey.

When you choose ACHS International, you have a reliable partner that will stand with you throughout your membership, to continuously improve the services offered to patients and the community.


What sets us apart?

Recognition by an Australian authority

Our EQuIP standards have been developed for one of the world’s most advanced and highly ranked healthcare systems.

Benchmark your clinical performance

The only accreditation body to internationally benchmark your clinical performance through complimentary member access to the world’s largest clinical indicator program (CIP).

Leading customer service

Complimentary access to a Coach, Quality Improvement Partner, Member Link organisation, and a comprehensive Member Portal.

Global network

Connection to the ACHS International global network and ability to learn from accredited organisations outside of your country.

User-friendly digital tools

Easily submit your data online and gain access to our user-friendly digital accreditation tools as well as a comprehensive Member Portal.

More options for more organisations

Our quality programs are designed for all types of organisations based on their facility type, organisation size and readiness in the quality journey.

More descriptive, less prescriptive

Standards include descriptive guidance with the flexibility to implement based on service needs.

Contextualised and localised

Our resources and standards include service specific guides and expert international assessors.

Value for money

Competitive pricing including all membership benefits and support services.

ACHSI approach and ACHSI assessors are very different to other accrediting bodies. With ACHSI we felt like a collaborative approach, we felt QI actually took place this time, very thankful to the whole ACHSI team.

Bunda Jakarta Hospitals, Indonesia

Ready to take the next step?

If your organisation is interested in ACHS International membership and accreditation, contact us to find out which option best meets your needs.

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