Safe Healthcare Environment Advisory Program

Is your physical environment putting your overall safety credentials at risk?

The Safe Healthcare Environment Advisory Program (SHEAP) is a joint program developed and delivered exclusively by ACHS International (ACHSI) and the Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT)

The purpose of the SHEAP is to provide international healthcare organisations with the guidance, insights, and expertise to review and improve the environment and infrastructure in which staff work and care is provided to patients and the community. 

The SHEAP focuses on specific aspects of the physical environment of the healthcare facility to ensure ongoing safety. The program is organised into modules to give healthcare organisations the flexibility to focus on environmental areas of greatest risk in more depth using the expertise of an international team of consultants.

The SHEAP is not an accreditation program nor does it grant any quality program certification. Instead, the program is meant to support collaboration and consultation between healthcare organisations with two of the world’s leading patient safety organisations.

SHEAP Explained

SHEAP Explained
  • SHEAP has been structured into modules related to key environmental and infrastructure risks in a healthcare setting to provide focused support to healthcare organisations
  • Each module provides guidance items related to how organisations can prepare and prevent common risks and issues from impacting the delivery of safe and high-quality care
  • Each SHEAP module will also serve as a guide for an international team of ACHS International and JCT consultants when reviewing the environment and infrastructure of healthcare organisations. The guidance items will serve as the foundation for providing recommendations for further improvement
  • The SHEAP fire module covers environment and infrastructure, workforce, patients and consumers and organisational management

We conducted a thorough study which evaluated the different international accreditation systems and found that the Australian program was the one that most addressed the very core of our mission.

Badr Al Samaa Group - ACHS International Member

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