Person Centred Systems (PCS)

ACHS International is continuing to adapt its standards, quality programs, and other services to reflect the evolution of patient safety, quality, and outcomes in the healthcare industry. It has become increasingly evident and important that provision of person centred care and systems should define how healthcare delivers services in a caring, compassionate and engaging manner.

Our research and various international evidence have indicated that focusing on person centred care has a positive influence on the patient experience, safety and quality, outcomes delivered, and the value of care provided.

We have designed our EQuIP7 Advanced PCS Module to capture global evidence- based practice in person centred systems to assist our members in engaging and empowering patients, carers, families, and the community in their care.

Person Centred Systems (PCS)

Helping healthcare organisations to:

 Helping healthcare organisations to:
  • Empower, engage, and support patients/consumers and carers in their own care and, where possible, across the continuum of care.
  • Achieve results through collaboration with patients/consumers, carers, community, and partners in all aspects of the organisation.
  • Continue to build trust through ongoing improvements to outcomes, quality, safety, and the overall patient experience.
  • Embed the values and fundamentals of person-centredness through safe and just cultures.
  • Build resilient teams through an organisational learning culture, which values systems thinking, personal mastery (lifelong learning), forward-thinking leadership, and adaptive mindsets.
  • Lead change through innovation, communication, and engagement to assist in recognising gaps, driving improvements, and celebrating successes. Transfer knowledge into practice and influence global learning through robust research.

We found that ACHS International was most suitable to us because the EQuIP program was clearly focusing on continuous improvement of care.

Hemas Hospitals, Sri Lanka

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