Inspiring Excellence in Healthcare for 50 Years

To honour the ACHS 50th Anniversary, we have captured experiences from leaders in the industry, who share their perspectives on the impact ACHS has had on patient safety and the healthcare community.

In 2024, ACHS celebrates 50 years of dedication to improving the safety and quality of health care. Providing leadership, expertise and support to numerous healthcare organisations and services in the provision of safer care has been central to our mission.
We feel very proud to be a world-leading accreditation provider. There have been many key achievements and innovations throughout the past 50 years. It all started with a vision in 1974, where our founders’ set out on a mission to transform healthcare in Australia.

Our unwavering commitment to this mission is what drives our growth and longevity, and we continue to build relationships with our Members to support safe, quality care. We are trusted partners for quality improvement, providing education, data analysis and consulting alongside accreditation services. From our Improvement Academy courses and training programs, to our Masterclasses with global healthcare experts, we share knowledge and skills to deliver the best care possible.

ACHS has been at the forefront of healthcare performance data for over 33 years. Supporting our Members with a consistent and valuable way to track, measure and benchmark their data to drive quality improvements. Our most recent innovation, Metrik, allows Members to do a deeper dive into their performance data, gaining greater visibility of where efficiencies or resources may be needed.
As we celebrate our rich history, we remain committed to building a better future for our communities and patients. To honour this milestone of 50 years, we have captured experiences and stories from leaders in the industry, who share their perspectives on the impact ACHS has had on patient safety and the healthcare.
We are excited to share these videos with you and will release them throughout the year to highlight the legacy and impact ACHS has made in Australia and around the world.
To check out the videos click here.

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