Member Spotlight – KIMSHEALTH

KIMSHEALTH, an esteemed global healthcare organisation, recently spoke to ACHSI about their accreditation experience and how they are committed to excellence in patient safety and care.

KIMSHEALTH is a quaternary care hospital network offering end-to-end healthcare services, right from primary to quaternary care in India and Middle East. KIMSHEALTH has pioneered the quality revolution in the field of healthcare delivery in the country, making quality healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone. 

Since its inception in 2002, KIMSHEALTH is the pioneer in Quality and Patient safety in India and the focus has always been on affordable safe quality care. KIMSHEALTH is now one of the largest healthcare networks, growing from a 250 bed to a 2000 bed healthcare group. KIMSHEALTH stands among the top 10 hospitals in India with top-notch healthcare delivery systems, evidence-based medicine, high-end facilities and quality-oriented practices.

KIMSHEALTH touches upon all aspects of wellness and healthcare, with a fine fusion of cardinal principles of holistic care and hospitality with the three-pronged approach of courtesy, compassion, and competence. 

1.    How many staff do you have working there, and how many clients?
KIMSHEALTH is operating with 3681 on-roll staff. On average we have around 24936 footfalls in the Outpatient Department and 3690 inpatients admissions monthly.

2.    How was your recent assessment experience? 
It was a positive experience learning together and working towards ACHSI Accreditation. Throughout the process we were assessed on standardisation of health care practices, evidence-based practice, and patient outcomes. It’s an honour to get accredited by an international accreditation board and this helps us to continue to promote quality care to our customers. 

3.    How did you regard what the Assessors brought to the assessment?
The assessors were co-operative, highly knowledgeable and they were specific to what needed to be assessed. They key focus area was patient safety and quality improvement. Each assessor was highly skilled in their domains and helped the us in raising the bar of quality improvement. They worked closely with staff and appreciated the good practices that we adapted. 

4.    Do you have any advice for other members going through these programs?
Pursuing ACHSI Accreditation is good for building a positive culture of quality and safety throughout the organisation. The ACHSI clinical indicator program, training and partnership approach will benefit any organisation working towards accreditation.

5.    What does international accreditation mean to you and your organisation?

  • Accreditation fosters a culture of quality and safety by improving patient outcomes and mitigating risks and can decrease risks and liability costs. 
  • It enhances the trust and credibility for stakeholders.
  • Surveys identify strengths and gaps programs processes.
  • It promotes communication and staff empowerment across organisation.
  • It decreases risks and liability costs by sustaining proactive measures and strengthening checks and controls. 
  • It places the organisation in global market. 

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