EQuIP for Telehealth and Virtual Care

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The ACHS International Accreditation for Telehealth offers recognition to healthcare organisations providing telehealth and virtual care services.

The EQuIP7 Guide for Telehealth provides guidelines to help organisations deliver high-quality telehealth services that are safe, effective, and accessible to patients, and meet established quality and performance standards. This guide is relevant for telehealth services delivered from various settings, including call centres, hospital settings, and virtual locations.

We are proud to be working with telehealth providers across the globe.

The term ‘telehealth’ encompasses a wide variety of health services, such as tele triage, telemedicine, telemonitoring, tele information, tele support and telecare. The telehealth service may receive calls from patients, or it may initiate contacts with patients; calls may be inbound or outbound. Telehealth services can be delivered by many different media, including (but not limited to) telephone, video, websites, web chat, SMS and email. 

Telehealth services involves a patient consulting his/her healthcare provider remotely when they have determined a physical examination isn’t needed, and the patient can’t see them in person.

EQuIP7 is a flexible program designed for various types of healthcare facilities. Contact our friendly team to find what is suitable for your organisation.

ACHSI drives the accreditation from start to end, the support we receive, and the guidance is unmatched.

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Complimentary Program

Complimentary Program

Receive access to our Clinical Indicator Program (CIP), report and online reporting tool for benchmarking purposes.

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