EQuIP for Hospitals

One of ACHS International’s core responsibilities and activities is accrediting hospitals to ensure a high standard of quality and patient care.

The ACHS International Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP) is a comprehensive solution for healthcare organisations seeking to demonstrate their commitment to quality and safety.

With its continuous improvement approach informed by evaluation and performance data, EQuIP is designed to help organisations provide safe, high-quality care to their patients, staff, and the wider community. The program includes rigorously developed and accredited hospital standards that meet the needs of all hospital types, sizes, and specialties, and incorporates core principles such as patient-centredness, continuous improvement, and outcomes.

By participating in EQuIP, healthcare organisations can strive for excellence and continuously improve their services to better serve their patients.

We are proud to be working with hospitals across the globe.

A hospital is a general or specialised healthcare facility providing acute interventional, therapeutic, and/or rehabilitative care to predominately overnight or extended stay patients. A hospital may also provide same-day procedures, operate outpatient services, conduct research, and/or train healthcare workers.  A hospital may be public, private, tertiary, academic affiliated, independent or part of a group, specialised, regional or metropolitan.

EQuIP7 is a flexible program designed for various types of healthcare facilities. Contact our friendly team to find what is suitable for your organisation.

We conducted a thorough study which evaluated the different international accreditation systems and found that the Australian program was the one that most addressed the very core of our mission.

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Beyond Accreditation

ACHSI Member Benefits



A dedicated ACHSI customer service professional will provide ongoing support throughout the accreditation program.



Enjoy access to member-only resources and discounted education workshops/programs.

Complimentary Program

Complimentary Program

Receive access to our Clinical Indicator Program (CIP), report and online reporting tool for benchmarking purposes.

Unsure if we can accredit your organisation?

We can help. Contact us today and we can help you find the right accreditation program.

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